We currently have sole use of a large sports hall. We are in a fortunate position with our outdoor facilities as we have 5 Tennis Courts, 5 Netball Courts, 1 outdoor Basketball courts, a 3 bay Cricket nets area, a large field where we have 2 Football pitches, a Rugby pitch and areas marked for grids. In addition to these outstanding facilities we also have sole use of 3 Squash courts, a Dance studio and fully equipped Fitness Suite.

We are a department who are developed in the use of ICT, we currently use the analysis package Kandle’ for instant performance playback and slow motion replay.


The department runs a large number of courses these include:

GCSE PE full course EdExcel

GCSE Dance full course AQA

Sports Leaders Sports Leadership UK

Curriculum Lesson

At Churchmead School we teach lessons in line with the current National Curriculum. Pupils will study at least three of the topics listed below each academic year:


  • Performing to Maximum Levels
  • Outwitting Opponents
  • Accurate Replication
  • Exploring and Communicating Ideas, Concepts and Emotions
  • Exercising Safely and Effectively
  • ‘Off Games’ Policy

    If a student is injured or ill, the PE Department needs to be informed of this with a letter from a parent or carer; this letter should be presented at the start of the lesson or before.

    At Churchmead School PE Department, we like to think that there is actually no such term as ‘off games’, as we feel all students can be given some form, of PE related work to do at an appropriate level to their injury or illness. This can include observation and analysis of peers, scoring, umpiring / refereeing, peer coaching, flexibility / stretching work or participating at a level they feel comfortable with.

    For the reasons listed above, all students are required to bring appropriate PE kit to suit the activity at the time.

    This policy has been put in place so that all pupils are able to receive the best Physical Education provision possible which also ensures inclusion.

    The PE Department would like to thank parents for their support.

    PE turns to Social Media

    The PE department have recently created a Twitter account: @ChurchmeadPE. This account will contain details of upcoming fixtures as well as revision information and ask the expert sessions. The department would like to encourage all students and parents that use twitter to follow this account.