Churchmead Vision and Values

Our school motto Believe to Achieve underpins all that we do at Churchmead. We aim for every student to encounter stimulating and intellectual challenges, whilst receiving the very best support and guidance. This ensures all our students are successful in a happy and enriched environment. A setting where they learn to the best of their ability, a place where we focus solely on their individual needs; building confidence, self-esteem and preparing them for their future careers.

We welcome students of all abilities and celebrate the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and talents that staff, students and parents bring to the school. We believe everyone has something special to contribute. We take pride in developing academic achievement, resilience, confidence and mutual respect for others at all times.

Our values Courage, Commitment and Compassion are based on the Trinity of God and celebrate the fullness of life. These values are imparted to our students to empathise with people in all situations and all walks of life. Students are confident to demonstrate courage and to do the will of God the Father; to show the compassion of Jesus Christ in our relationships with one another; to exhibit commitment to our learning as shown through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our aim is to provide the best possible education for every student within a supportive Christian environment that will prepare them for a life of change in the 21st Century.


Churchmead School Prayer

Dear God,

Give us the courage to take up new opportunities,

The compassion to help and support one another,

And the commitment to our learning and our community.

Help us to believe, so that we can achieve, and excel in all that we do.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.