Our Vision and Values

Believe to Achieve

Courage, Compassion, Commitment

'Life in all its fullness​' John 10:10

 At Churchmead we will live and celebrate “life in all its fullness” with:

- The Courage to take up new opportunities

- The Compassion to help and support one another

- The Commitment to our learning and our community

- Living out our school motto “Believe to Achieve”




   The courage to take up new opportunities

We are a community that provides and embraces new opportunities. We are all encouraged to developleadership that makes a positive difference to the lives of other people.   

The will of the Father

The compassion to help and support one another

We are a community built on compassion and love. Having respect for ourselves, our neighbours and supporting and our community. We welcome students of all abilities and celebrate the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and talents that staff, students and parents bring to the school. 

The love of Jesus

The Commitment to our learning and our community

We are a learning community that has high expectations of ourselves and others. We aim to make a difference to our community. We take pride in developing academic achievement, resilience, and confidence. We offer the best guidance within a supportive Christian environment.

The work of the Holy Spirit

Believe to Achieve

Our school motto Believe to Achieve underpins all that we do at Churchmead. We aspire to excel in all that we do and we never give up. We believe everyone has something special to contribute. 

Our values Courage, Compassion, Commitment are based on the Trinity of God and celebrate “life in all its fullness.” John 10:10.

The Trinity