At Churchmead School, we are absolutely committed to the principle that every child matters. We pride ourselves in placing a strong emphasis on the concept of the school as a family, where we recognise the importance of the individual, but at the same time are sympathetic and understanding of the needs of others.

Pastoral care is central to students’ progress and learning. We believe that every student should be outstanding in every respect and the pastoral system seeks to provide a framework of care, guidance and support for our students to assist them in their academic and personal development throughout school life, whilst providing strong guidance as they grow into responsible and mature citizens who are positively prepared for the journey ahead.

We place great importance on developing resilience and self-esteem in all students, whilst at the same time promoting an environment where all students feel they belong, are valued and are listened to. The pastoral team works together with parents, staff, students and external agencies to allow our young people to ‘be the best they can be’.