Letter from the Headteacher: Year 10

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support throughout this period.  In response to the telephone survey of all our Y10 parents, we are now in a position to update you on our provision going forward.  We have endeavoured, as a school, to support your child’s education through our online provision.  This will continue to be extremely important, alongside our onsite provision.

From the week beginning 15th June, the Government have announced the wider opening of secondary schools for Year 10 students. It is therefore our intention, that Year 10 students have access to 8 days of provision on a rota system, with their teachers, before the end of term.

In line with the latest Government regulations, we will be adhering to a range of social distancing measures. The school site has already been prepared with signs and floor markings to ensure that students know where they can stand. There has also been a number of sanitation stations positioned around the school.

Students will be returning to the school site into groups of no more than 15. They will then be arranged into smaller groups to attend their lessons. This will allow the students to form a bubble which they will be kept in whilst on the school site. Different timetables will be provided for the groups to ensure this.

Staff Training Day – Monday 15th June

On Monday 15th June, Churchmead staff will be attending a training day to prepare for Year 10s returning to school. There will be no online provision on this day. We encourage students to use the time to catch up on work and assignments already set.

Y10 Mentoring Day – Tuesday 16th June

On Tuesday 16th June, Year 10 students will be invited for a mentoring meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This will take place either between 9am - 10.30am or 11am - 12.30pm depending on which group the student is in.  We will then have the opportunity to talk through any concerns or questions the students may have surrounding their subjects.


If your son/daughter is showing any symptoms of Covid 19, they must stay off school and self-isolate.  Please then follow the latest Public Health advice.

Buses and drop off

Buses will be running as normal in the mornings (on lesson days only) and will be departing the site at 1:20pm.  Please use the parent lane for drop off/pick up and follow social distancing expectations.

Lesson Days   8:30am – 1:10pm

We will be running lessons, periods 1 to 4, with a finishing time at 1:10pm.  The students will be organised into Groups A & B.  Please see below for the allocated days.  The last 3 days of term from Wednesday 15th July will be allocated for targeted GCSE/BTEC Coursework provision.


Mon 15th

Tues  16th

Wed 17th

Thurs 18

Fri 19th

INSET meetings



Group A

Group A

Deep Clean

Mon 22nd

Tues 23rd

Wed 24th

Thurs 25th

 Fri 26th

Group A


Group A

Deep clean

Group B

Group B

Mon 29th

Tues 30th

Wed 1st

Thurs 2nd

 Fri 3rd

Group B


Group B

Deep clean

Group A

Group A

Mon 6th

Tues 7th

Wed 8th

Thurs 9th

 Fri 10th

Group A


Group A

Deep clean

Group B

Group B

Mon 13th

Tues 14th

Wed 15th

Thurs 16th

 Fri 17th

Group B


Group B

GCSE coursework

Deep clean

GCSE coursework

GCSE coursework

The days that the students are not in school, they will be expected to continue with the online provision being provided by the staff.  Following the latest advice, we need to make you aware that a few subjects cannot be offered, therefore, some students will be supported with ‘coursework’ lessons. This will be with an assigned teacher and will allow them time to complete work on their vocational subjects.


To begin with, students will be in non-uniform, however, this is subject to change and will be reviewed after two weeks. It is essential that students are on site are dressed appropriately in clean clothes, to ensure we are following the government guidance on a safe return to school.


We will be running a canteen at break time and all food must be ordered in the morning. The food will be wrapped and labelled prior to break time, again to support social distancing.


The students must have their own equipment on their return. The school will provide a free pencil case with equipment to Y10 students returning to school over the summer term. Teachers will not be able to lend out equipment. Students will also not be able to borrow or lend equipment to others, so they must be prepared.

For the students who are unable to return to Churchmead at this time, we will continue to upload their work on Microsoft Teams. It is essential that students manage their workload, as we have not been in school for quite some time.

I appreciate that this is a lot of information to take in, if you require any information or assistance please do contact us. For now, please stay safe and well and look after each other during this unprecedented time.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Tomes - Headteacher