Election Night Fever

Congratulations to Chloe Buckeridge and Caitie Holden-MacDonald who were given the chance last night to be in the thick of it at Theresa May's Constituency in Maidenhead as the votes came pouring in.

Whilst staying out all night is not usually recommended for schoolchildren, our students, along with others from Windsor Girls School, Desborough, Newlands and Cox Green Schools were special guests at the General Election count.

Chloe was quoted in the local newspaper saying "The older children were doing exams so we got the chance to come along. I had not really been interested in politics before but it has been so interesting.

I never realised how much work goes into it. It is so much more than just people putting a piece of paper into a ballot box."

Whilst both girls are very tired today, they had a fantastic experience! What an amazing opportunity for them to be part of political history in the making!