Art and Design is one of our Specialist subject areas, which means that we have a history of outstanding examination results in this subject! We believe with the right guidance and support all our students can achieve their true potential. In the photography endorsement we have a dedicated editing suite boasting a network of Apple iMacs. Students have the opportunity to work with iMovie and industry standard software such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Our two fine-art studios were also brought up to date last summer with new furnishings, fittings and colour schemes.

Our coursework topics at all levels enable students to explore a range of different media, processes or techniques, ensuring that there is something suitable for all interests. Our projects at KS4/KS5 give students the opportunity to produce a portfolio of creative and imaginative work that they can show to prospective employers or use to help secure a place on sixth form and University courses. In February 2014, for example, the front page of the Daily Telegraph carried a large picture of the storms in Cornwall which was taken by one of our ex-sixth form students who is now studying “photo-journalism” at Falmouth University.

What Ofsted has said;

In some subjects such as art, students achieve very well (OFSTED 2007) Teaching and learning was also judged to be “outstanding” by OFSTED in 2010 and 2007.

In 2002, OFSTED praised the art department for the progress made by it’s pupils at GCSE, highlighting that “they (pupils) are, encouraged to work independently and that they receive “consistent explanation and demonstration by teachers”.

Our A-Level AQA Examiner in 2009 reported that our coursework demonstrated “an exciting range of generated tasks”.


The following Art/design syllabuses are available:

AQA  Fine Art (drawing and painting)

KS4 Photography KS4/KS5