Design Technology

Design Technology is a creative and practical subject that gives pupils the opportunity to work in a range of different materials and develop skills using a wide range of different tools and processes.

It enables them to; develop communication skills, acquire practical skills, apply scientific skills, apply mathematical skills, apply information technology and develop their creative problem solving.


In KS3 pupils are introduced to a range of key areas of study, including; Food technology, Resistant Materials, Graphics and Electronic Control. They are also encouraged to develop their understanding of the “Design Process” by working through a range of projects that begin by identifying a need and progress to them making, testing and evaluating a product that fulfils the identified need. They will be encouraged to use computers where appropriate.



We currently offer a GCSE course in two material areas, so pupils wishing to continue studying Design Technology can opt for either Catering or Resistant Materials



For their GCSE the pupils will submit a coursework project worth 60% of the final grade, and sit a written paper worth 40%.


Health and Safety is a primary concern in all areas and the pupils will be taught the correct procedures for safe working in all material areas.

They may occasionally be asked to contribute towards the cost of materials in Resistant Materials.

In Food they will need to bring ingredients as required for their cooking.

Graphics equipment is essential for good presentation of project work and pupils are expected to come to lessons prepared with the basic pens, pencils, rubber and ruler. Anything more than this will be provided in the lesson.



Two purpose equipped work areas that include access to a wide range of resources; A laser cutter, computers, lathes, milling machines, sewing machines, cookers, mixers, blenders etc.


Achievements & Awards

There are annual awards presented in the summer to pupils who have excelled or who have worked hard to improve their work in Design Technology.


Extra Curricular

Classes are offered after school and during some lunch breaks to give pupils additional help with finishing class work or to offer further extension work.